Visitation Policy

We are a home based breeder who doesn’t keep our dogs or puppies in a separate building or in kennels. We receive many requests to “ tour our facility “ which would be taking a tour of our home. 

We know many prospective puppy families want to view the living conditions of our parent dogs and view  where their puppies will be raised. We do have a public Facebook page, laurieandjoeslabs, which shows the daily life of our dogs and of our puppies when we have litters. 

Because we only have a few litters a year, we set up our puppy area before birth and take it down after they go home. This is in the great room of our house.

Parvo is a huge risk in this area. I have personally confirmed 3 cases from other breeders within the last year. In order to prevent Parvo from being inadvertently tracked onto our property, we limit foot traffic at all times.

In the spirit of compromise, we do allow visits by appointment once we have a confirmed pregnancy for those who are on the waiting list for the litter. This is to meet us and the dam and sire of the litter in which you are interested. We do our best to accommodate all who want to visit. However, factors which may impact your ability to visit at any particular time are: newborn puppies from a previous litter who have not gone home yet, not fully vaccinated breeding prospects who we have on the premises, previous vet, training, and showing commitments.We will ask you to take the following precautions before visiting:

  1. No other pets may be brought to the visit. 
  2. Do not visit pet stores, vets, other breeders , rescues, shelters, groomers, training or boarding facilities the day you come for the visit.
  3. You will be asked to walk through a shoe bath and then put on hospital grade shoe covers.

If the weather is nice, we will meet in the front yard. In bad weather, we will meet on our enclosed front porch.

After you have actually purchased a puppy, we have you come inside for puppy visitation, puppy selection, to tour the puppy areas, and to take your puppy home after 8 weeks of age.

Thank you for helping us keep our puppies safe and for letting us provide you with the healthiest puppy possible.