Benjamin is the sweetest and we love him so much. Thank you so much. 

– Annmarie, MA


Cider is doing great! He had a nail trim today and did so well.

– Haylee, MA


Louie’s doing great, playing hard, and sleeping like a rock. We love him.

– Heather, CT


Future gun dog. He’s wonderful. Thanks Laurie.

– James, MA


Cider( black collar) is settling in well. He has already pottied 3 times outside with no accidents and loves the snow. Thank you so much for this little bundle of joy.

– Haylee, MA


Tucker has adjusted quickly to life in our home . He has taken to his crate very easily and has taken to going to the bathroom outside like a champ, and is an overall love bug. I want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into this litter like you do all of your litters. You raised 11 wonderful puppies and we are grateful to have taken one of them home.

– Athena, MA


We couldn’t be happier with our sweet Mila. She is adjusting so well to her new home. She enjoyed the car ride and loves playing in the snow. Our hearts are full. Thank you for everything.

– Samantha, Alexandra, NH


He’s such a great puppy; so smart and laid back. He’s such a lovely little boy. Laurie is so great with these puppies preparing them for their new homes. We were on the waiting list for a long time but it was absolutely worth the wait. This little guy is already adjusted to his new surroundings.

– Jodie, NH


Laurie’s crate training is great. Bella( formerly Fuschia collar) took to it right away and finds it a safe place. Did cry a bit and settled on her own. Found her awake in the dark without crying. 1 nighttime potty break so I guess I should be thankful. She adjusted very well and is a playful happy pup. Outdoor potty training is going well and she has seemed to have learned to respond to her name with commands of come and sit.

– Phil, Framingham, MA


I wanted to show you Maizie with her new sisters and brother watching her. Her first night she cried some. I knew it was going to be a bit of an adjustment for her to her new surroundings and family. I slept downstairs on my couch and Maizie slept right next to me all night. She is such a good girl. Today was a great day with her playing, giving us kisses and running around very happy😍👍🏻George and I just love her to bits!!💕🐶

– Connie, Pleasanton, CA


We just wanted to let you know Nueske has settled in nicely with her special friends, our dog Ramey and our kids. I slept on the floor next to her last night and she did great. She already learned how to go upstairs and where to poop and pee. She’s amazing. I can’t thank you enough. Warm thanks.

– Linda, San Francisco, CA


I’m so in love. Thank you so much!

– Jennifer, Danville, CA


He loves hanging out with us in our office and in the backyard.

– Elsa and Orlando, Livermore, CA


Floki has adjusted fine. He loves water!

– Carlos, Antioch, CA


Penny is doing wonderfully. Thank you for everything.

– Anna, Scarborough, ME


Ziggy and his big sister Riley really love each other.

– Wendy, Durham, NH


He is so cute and chill. We all just love him!

– Lisa, Danville, CA


Ripley had a good first night and slept in her crate from 10 pm to 5 am without waking up. she is eating pretty well and loves all of our other dog (Riley’s) toys. They are feeling each other out but both have wagging tails!

– Lisa, Madbury, NH


Rosie is doing really well in her new home. She is really well behaved and her vet visit went great.

– James, San Ramon, CA


Kingsley is a good boy and pretty calm for a Lab. He knows his name and gets along great with our other dog Tucker and fits right in with our cats.

– Becky, Laconia, NH


He really is so beautiful. Everyone always compliments him wherever we go; he is such a good puppy. We love him so much and you too, Laurie!

-Amanda and Randy, Quincy, MA


Hi Laurie. I wanted to let you know Flash is doing well. Flash is sleeping and Rahul is happy.

– Ravi, Sunnyvale, CA


We love her so much and will enjoy watching her grow up with the boys.

– Joyce, Brookline, NH


Pawling is growing and maturing into a wonderful puppy. We love him so much. He is very smart, loves making friends with other dogs, and is the best cuddler ever!

– Sierra & Ryan, New Hampton, NH


Thanks for the great experience. Buddy has acclimated well. He loves playing with his toys and taking naps. He put himself to bed in his crate last night. He knows we are his people and we feel very lucky.

– Deb, Londonderry, NH


Summer is doing well. She has gained over 2 lbs since her first vet visit. She has mastered the “sit” command and house training. She is precious.

– Monika, Oakland, CA


She is doing great and we love her so much!

– Shannon, Epsom, NH


We all love Fitzy.

– Jeff, Charlton, MA


Thank you for providing a new addition to our family.

– Adrienne, Salem, New Hampshire


He is a natural in the water

– Karen, MA


Hi Laurie!

Owen is 10 weeks old today. He gained 1.6 pounds in the last week. He is such a sweet little guy and learns quickly. He loves Molly and she has been so tolerant of him. I love when they curl up together.  He sleeps with Molly and us every night. Owen understands when it gets dark, play time is over. He stays on the bed the whole night but once he’s up, he’s up! He has so much energy now he runs around like crazy.

– Jeannette, Dublin, CA


Luna is a love! She is having fun chasing her big brother Brody all over and is eating and sleeping well. She is just a joy. We went to the vet yesterday and everything is great!

– Joyce, New Canaan, CT


Thank you for taking care of Eva and getting her ready for our home.

– Megan, Santa Rosa, CA


Thanks so much for your very professional information and advice. You are the best breeder ever!

– Judy, Danville, CA


Kenai is doing great!!! We are so happy!

– Jessica, Durham, NH


Jackson is doing great! We couldn’t be more in love.

– Terri, Bedford, NH


Java is just chilling at home. He went to the vet and everything is great!

– Wendy, Tewksbury, MA


Thank you, Laurie and Joe’s Labs, for the newest member of the family!

– Isabel, Livermore, CA


He had a good first night. He peed and pooped outside. He is such a special boy!

– Susan, Fremont, CA


Luna has been the perfect addition to our family

– Sarah, North Attleboro, MA


Thank you for providing a new addition to our family.

– Adrienne, Salem, New Hampshire


Thank you for my handsome boy.

– Diane, Concord, CA


Barley is adjusting so well. He is doing great with the crate although his favorite thing is to snuggle and sleep with his boys!


Jack is doing great. He has mastered sleeping in his crate at night and loose leash walking. He loves playing with our grandkid’s Lab and riding in the cart while I golf. I love being a Lab dad again!

– Shawn, Surrey, NH


Boeing is so awesome and we are totally in love already. Thank you for raising such good pups!

– Nicole and Randy, Weare, NH


Cashew is doing great. He loves everyone and is so darn cute. He is such a good boy and I am glad I have him. I am so glad I found a wonderful breeder like you who was so good to him for the first 8 weeks. You guys are wonderful!

– Cheryl, Bellingham, MA


Buzz is doing great. He adores the water and is an excellent swimmer. We love him so much!

– Olivia, Duxbury, MA


Oakley is doing great! He and the cat are slowly warming up to each other. He is doing really well with potty training and he puts himself in his crate for naps and at bedtime.

– Laura, Litchfield, NH


Bodie’s wellness visit went well. The vet said, “Wow, what a great pup! He must have come from a very good breeder”. She also said he looks absolutely healthy!

– Steph Topsham, ME


He has definitely stolen our hearts. Thank you.

– Alex, Salem, NH


Things are going great here.

– Brianna, Bedford, MA


Thank you so much. We love him lots.

– Fran, Lawrence, MA


Sophie is doing great. She is just a doll. We have a great time every day.

– Art, Chelmsford, MA


Floki is settling into a fantastic routine and is such a wonderful puppy.

– Ann, Lynnfield, MA


Murphy is very smart and is fitting right in. He is awesome.

– Neal, Derry, NH


Tigger is doing well adapting. He is doing great and growing a lot. Thank you for everything.

– Marianne, Centerville, MA


Shadow is really a joy to have. Thank you for all your hard work during those first 8 weeks after his birth. It really shines through in how he presently acts.

– Victoria, Franklin, NH


Pippa is doing great. The work you do with your dogs and pups is to be commended. It makes the transition very easy. We love her so much.

– Jen, Langdon, NH

Pemi Sunshine

Pemi Sunshine is an actual ray of sunshine in our lives. We couldn’t be happier with this little lady!
– Ashley, Exeter, NH


He loves being home and playing.

– Nick, Deerfield, NH


He is so special, this puppy is wonderful. We are in love. Thank you more than you know.

– Ruth, Colchester, VT


Oakley is loving his new home. We feel so blessed to have met such a wonderful breeder and have Oakley in our lives.

– April, Annandale, NJ


Lincoln is very affectionate and loves to play. He is a great dog. Thank you.

-Bob, Chicopee, MA


Gretzky is not afraid of anything and is very confident. We all love her so much!

– Alex, Amherst, MA


The vet said that he is the most laid back puppy they have seen in a long time. He is truly an amazing dog.

– Michelle, Bedford, NH


Tedy has already been swimming twice  and loves it!

– Josh and Amy, Nashua, NH


Canis is such a fun little boy!

– Donna, Plymouth, MA


Duke has filled my life in so many ways. I am so happy he is part of my family!

– Patricia, Brockton, MA


Mabel is completely potty trained and sleeps all night in her crate!

– Jen, Langdon, NH


River is a joy and so eager to learn!

– Maureen, Andover, NH


He is the perfect fit for us!

– Ann, Lynnfield, MA


Juno is doing great. She is happy and confident. We get a lot of compliments!

– Terry, Beverly, MA


Cagney is adjusting well and loves his big brother Bosch and going in his wading pool. He is doing well with his crate conditioning and house training. Bless you guys.

-Chuck & Kathy, Plainfield, NH


Nitro is adjusting well to our family and to his big brother, Finn.

Dan & Jennifer, Keene, NH


Shep slept the 3 hours on the ride home and went potty outside. He played and is settling in for sleep.

-Kristi, Centerville, MA


Lola is sleeping in her crate on her first day home.

-Renee, Springfield, MA


Barley went on two walks, berry picking, and slept well his first night home- he just woke up every 3 hours for potty breaks.

-Michael, Pittsfield, NH


Doug had a great first night home in his crate and only woke up once for a potty break.

-Kathy, New Milford, CT


In less than a day, Sunny became acclimated to our home, family, and his big brother Bosco. He is excellent at going outside to potty and only wakes up once during the night . Thank you for this beautiful boy.

-Liane and Dino, Swampscott, MA


Nala is always ready for football!

Shanley, Haverhill, MA


Ovi is doing great!

Janine & Adam, Portsmouth, NH


I was willing to wait over a year to get a puppy from Laurie & Joe and not be so picky about the color and gender because of all the curriculum work they do with the puppies. It all seems to have worked out.

– Brenda, Barnstead, NH


Tucker is doing great! He is a very smart and affectionate boy.

– Dan, Haverhill, MA


Kenny is a service puppy prospect who went directly to board and train prior to going home to work for his person. Kenny travelled like a pro, walks well on a leash, and comes when I called ( after being with me for one day).

– Linda, Service Dog Trainer, 4 Paws and Family, Ellsworth, ME