Why We Love It

Hugglehounds- HuggleFleece Mats

We’re confident you and your pet will enjoy this versatile bedding for many years.

HuggleHounds HuggleFleece mats are constructed of a 100% uniquely dense synthetic lambs wool and is extremely durable.


HuggleFleeceMats are constructed of a specially produced, extremely high pile and heavy weight knitted polyester.

It’s nearly 2”thick and produced with protection for your pet’s joints in mind, providing years of comfort.

Keep your pet warm and cozy

The more you wash this mat, the better it will feel. Our HuggleFleeceMat has no messy stuffing to clump or lump during washing, and is 100% pure fabric! It will get better and better after each washing and is sure to keep your pet warm and cozy.

Wicking draws in any liquid that comes in contact with your mat and keeps the top layer -closest to your pet -dry and comfortable!

Machine washable

We recommend washing your new HuggleMat immediately after purchase. You’ll notice some loose fibers after the first couple of washings, a normal result of the various lengths of knitting and densities of fibers.

After washing, either air dry or toss it in your dryer on a low heat setting. You’ll notice the HuggleMat has amazing wicking properties and is almost dry immediately after washing.


Your HuggleFleeceMat is naturally hypoallergenic, stain resistant, and extremely convenient and portable.

Now you can take your pet’s bedding with you wherever you go! The HuggleFleeceMat works well with senior pets, pets with skin problems or allergies, and new puppies.

Because of our unique sewing technique, seams are hard for pets to find or rip apart, making HuggleFleeceMats suitable for crate use, too.

Your Dog’s Safety Is Our Job

HuggleHounds dedicated the time and resources necessary to ensure our products are perfect.

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