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A little more about the humans


Laurie and Joe Zalewski are the humans behind Laurie & Joe’s Labs. Laurie is a retired RN whose mission, purpose, and passion is now in changing her puppy buyers’ lives for the better by providing them with a healthy, well socialized puppy. Laurie still utilizes her nursing skills delivering and caring for the puppies during their neonatal period. Joe still occasionally works in the pharmaceutical QA field doing consulting but can mostly be seen at Laurie & Joe’s Labs assisting with puppy deliveries, cleaning the nursery, and washing many loads of laundry.

In their spare time, Laurie and Joe train their dogs in competitive obedience. Being active members of the Merrimack Valley Dog Club, they can be seen volunteering as ring stewards at AKC events.

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Choosing the Right Care for Your Labrador Retriever: A Comprehensive Guide


Ensuring a Positive Experience for Your Labrador Retriever: Expert Guidance on Daycare, Training, and Boarding

Many of our puppy families find themselves needing to leave their Labrador in the care of another for daycare, training, and boarding. As the breeder of your puppy, we are here for lifelong support and are happy to provide guidance to safe options and referrals to known providers. This is a topic near and dear to our hearts as we want your puppy to have a safe and positive experience.

Vaccinations for a Safe Experience

Prioritizing Your Labrador’s Health and Safety: Key Vaccinations Before Training, Daycare, or Boarding

Because your puppy will be exposed to other dogs in close quarters, we recommend that your puppy not start training, daycare, or boarding until they […]

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