By submitting your Puppy Interest Form, you agree to the following.

  1. The waiting list is a request for a puppy of a certain coat color or gender. Or, if none requested, the next available puppy.
  2. Circumstances which might affect wait list order are:
    1. Prospective puppy families from another wait list merging onto your wait list.
    2. Breeder picks: we reserve the right to keep a puppy from any of our litters for our breeding program. We frequently receive requests from other breeders for one of our puppies. This would be a top pick puppy because it needs to be breeding quality.
    3. Service dog requests: these puppies will be identified during temperament testing and will be a top pick puppy.
  3. Please note: because of the numerous requests for our puppies, many puppy families need to wait through an average of three litters before we typically have a puppy available for them.
  4. We will no longer give out wait list numbers because of the confusion and disappointment it tends to cause. Many factors out of our control determine when you will receive your puppy: heat cycles, breeding success, number of puppies in a litter, gender/ color coat make up of the litter. Once you have placed your reservation fee and submitted your contract ( after the puppies are born and thriving), we will be able to let you know your puppy pick order.
  5. Please read through The How to Reserve a Puppy section below prior to submitting your Puppy Interest Form. This information includes our current pricing, fees, and terms of our contract.