Reserve A Puppy

Reserving Your Labrador Puppy

Please review the preview contract below prior to submitting your application.

Please do not send in contracts or reservation fees until we have notified you that we have a puppy available for you!

Complete Puppy Interest Form

We use the Puppy Interest Form to learn a bit more about you so we can identify puppies in our litters who will be a good fit for your lifestyle. 

Fill Out Interest Form

Wait For A Litter

Once each litter of puppies is born, we contact those on the waiting list before opening up sales to the general public. Because of the volume of people on our waiting lists, we require your contract and reservation fee to be submitted within 24 hours of the litter announcement in order to reserve a puppy from the litter for you. Once we reach the end of the list, we open sales up to the general public. Being on the waiting list is not a guarantee of a puppy from any particular litter.

Pay Reservation Fee Online

A $1,000 non refundable reservation fee is required with the submission of your contract to reserve your puppy.

Pay Fees Online
Please do not send in contracts or reservation fees until we have notified you that we have a puppy available for you!

Complete & Submit Paperwork

Please submit your puppy contract within 24 hours of being notified that we have a puppy available for you to secure your choice of color coat and gender.

Preview Puppy Contract
Please do not send in contracts or reservation fees until we have notified you that we have a puppy available for you!

Puppy Pick Up!

Puppies are ready to be picked up by their new owners at 8 weeks of age, by appointment (see contract for specifics). A balance of $1,300 is due at time of pick up. The total price of the puppy is $2,300. Due to increases in the cost of doing business, we may need to make price increases from litter to litter. Once a litter announcement is posted, pricing will not change until that litter goes home. New owners are required to pick up their puppies at this age as it makes for an easier transition to their new homes. If you are unable to pick up your puppy on the designated go home day, your puppy must be paid for in full and a completed board and train contract must be submitted to us.

Included With Each Puppy Purchase

  • First Vet Exam & New Hampshire Health Certificate

  • Deworming Until Clear Fecal

  • First Vaccinations
  • Prepaid Limited AKC Registration

  • Microchipping with AKC Reunite Microchip, Plus Lifetime Fee Prepaid

  • Prepaid Lifetime Membership to Baxter & Bella Online Dog Training

How Is Pick Order Determined?

Priority is given to breeder picks and service dog picks. Companion dog home picks are done in the order that the reservation fees and completed puppy contracts are received. We collaborate with our puppy families regarding the suitability of their choices based on the information provided on the Puppy Interest Form and the information gained from the puppy temperament evaluations.

When Are Puppies Released?

The puppies are examined at 8 weeks of age and receive a New Hampshire Health Certificate. Puppies are not released to go to their new homes unless they are given a clean bill of health. Puppies are dewormed per vet guidelines, given their first vaccinations, and micro-chipped.

Are Puppies AKC Registered?

Yes! Laurie & Joe’s Labs registers each puppy with the AKC on limited registration prior to going to their new homes. We receive a breeder’s discount and pass this onto our puppy buyers. By using the breeder’s EZ Reg, we are able to list one new owner. If the new buyer wants to co-own the puppy with a family member/significant other, it is their responsibility to add this person onto the registration and pay the additional fee to the AKC. Laurie and Joe’s labs also microchips each puppy with an AKC reunite microchip and pays the lifetime enrollment fee. Each puppy is also enrolled with AKC Reunite under the new owner’s name prior to leaving Laurie and Joe’s labs.

Can I Train the Puppy Myself?

Each puppy is sent home with a lifetime membership to Baxter & Bella Online Dog Training. It is mandatory that anyone acquiring a puppy for ESA, service dog work, school dog work, or facilities work be working with a trainer and provide the trainer’s name and number on your contract. We highly recommend that you enroll your puppy in brick and mortar training classes once fully vaccinated (at about 16 weeks of age).

Please remember that these puppies are just service dog prospects when they leave us. They require a great deal of public access training and specialized training before they can be helpful in a service role. Therefore, the trainer you retain must be certified and work for a brick and mortar training facility. Sorry, friends and family are not allowed to be your trainer of record unless they meet the above criteria.